Tie-in and pressure overlap

Scope of service: Tie-ins for feeding product to newly constructed or additional production areas; Tie-ins of fittings for temperature gauges, flow meters and other devices; Online line stopiing; By-passing a defected pipeline section. STANDARD EQUIPMENT ALLOWS WORKS WITH THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS: Pressure 100 bar, temperature 38°C; Pressure 48 bar, temperature up to 370°C; Hot tapping range: ½ “ – 72”; Line stopping range: 3.5” – 56” EQUIPMENT ALLOWS HOT TAPPING AND LINESTOPPING WITH VARIOUS TYPES OF SERVICES: Natural gas; Oil; Water; Steam; Light hydrocarbons; Chemicals and gases; Compressed air and other.  PIPELINE MATERIAL: Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, polyethylene, cement asbestos, steel concrete and other. HOT TAP DIRECTIONS: Horizontal, vertical or angled. In special cases vertical upside down is possible.  ONLINE HOT TAPPING ADVANTEGES: No production interference with operating pressure maintained at the same level; Line stopping possible at sections with no or poorly sealed shut-off valves; Reliable, cost effective and efficient pipeline stopping for any types of works; No product release and collection expenses; Environmental contamination risks excluded. PERMITS AND CERTIFICATES: GOST R compliance certificate; FSETAN permit for application at hazardous facilities; Permits, equipment and technology qualification for job performance at Gazprom facilities.Hot tapping and line stopping for repair and upgrade are performed online.