Testing of safety valves

Safety valve testing The safety valve testing system (PPC) is applied at the enterprises of oil and gas, chemical and other industries where there are increased requirements for the reliability of the regulatory and safety systems. The system allows you to check valves in the course of work without the need to increase the pressure in the system, to detect malfunctions of valves that need maintenance for scheduled or emergency repairs. The PPC TESTING SYSTEM MAY PROVIDE THE SETTING OF SET PRESSURE IN THE LIMITS +/- 1%, AND ALSO DETERMINE SUCH POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS PROBLEMS, AS: flow valve; slowing valve; valve with a long "reset" or simmer (boiling). Go ADVANTAGES OF THE SAFETY VALVE TESTING SYSTEM: suitable for all sizes of the tested reinforcement; cost savings due to the lack of need for dismantling and testing in the laboratory; Testing is carried out for various working environments (gas, water, steam). Go Permits: Certificate of Conformity GOST R; Permit for use at FSECTAN hazardous production facilities: Instructions for checking the tightness of the valve, monitoring and adjusting the installation pressure of spring-loaded safety valves at the place of their installation without dismantling for oil refineries and petrochemical companies; Certificate of registration in the state register of measuring instruments.