INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

Extraction and repair of heat exchangers

INTRA Services Company performs the following set of heat exchanger maintenance services:

  • Bolting (installation/de-installation);
  • Extraction of tube bundles with hydraulic extractors;
  • Cleaning tube bundles.
  • Manual and stationary cleaning units ensure high-quality, safe and quick cleaning of tube bundles of heat exchangers and annulus; flange boring.
  • The equipment may be applied at both dedicated area and on installation site, for horizontal and vertical heat exchangers.


INTRA Services Company performs installation and de-installation of tube bundles from heat exchanger bodies with lengths up to 12 meters, sizes up to 2 meters, weights up to 45 ton, with tube bundle hydraulic extractors.

INTRA Services Company operates Peinemann crane hydraulic extractor. The actuator is equipped with a diesel engine, which allows operation at low temperatures.

Jobs are performed by trained and certified specialists.

Extraction advantages:

  • Reduces total repair durations;
  • Eliminates damage to tubes and heat exchanger bundle gates;
  • Requires minimum working space;
  • Ensure better labor safety.

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