Repair technology

Service Company INTRA offers work on the restoration of the sealing surfaces of flange connections (groove flanges). FEATURES OF FLANGE REPAIR: portable equipment; diameters of flange connections for processing from 0 mm to 3048 mm (up to 12000 mm - on request); surface finish up to 1.6 μm Ra; applicable to surface treatment of flanges of various profiles: spike / groove, protrusion / groove, V-shaped groove, lens seal; installation of the machine, both on internal, and on outer diameter of flanges is possible; when mounted on a tube plate, double-sided processing is possible from a single installation; possibility of cutting the membranes; Boring the internal surface of the flange joint; processing square and rectangular flanges; if necessary, measure the flatness of the flange joint sealing surface using a laser geometry check system; elaboration of non-standard technical requests. Go ADVANTAGES OF THE RESTORATION OF THE SEALING SURFACES OF FLANGED CONNECTIONS (FLANGE FLOW): works are performed without dismantling the flanges and the equipment as a whole (carried out “on site”); the service life of the apparatus is prolonged due to the restoration of the sealing surface of the flanges; no need to perform labor-intensive work and subsequent inspection of the welded joint in case of disassembling the flanges for subsequent groove; minimum working space is required in the area of ​​the treated surface; reduced overall repair time; allows you to avoid the occurrence of product passes through the flange connection, and as a result, subsequent unplanned shutdowns of production. Other machining services: Processing of tires and rollers of sintering furnaces, drying drums and cylinders; Processing mills pins; Removing the weld reinforcement of tanks; Restoration of surfaces on other rotating equipment; In-place milling; Groove and repair holes.