INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

Intrasoft reliability management system

The purpose of supervising is to ensure high quality performance to minimize leak occurrence at flange joints and pipeline components in the run time, eliminate accident risk during operation, extend lifetime and periods between repairs. Supervising is a contemporary method of controlling the repair performance and construction of processing equipment and pipelines.

Third party supervision allows minimizing corruption risks and prevent overstaffing in own supervision services.

In order to ensure high quality and safety of your next turnaround maintenance INTRA Services and Hydratight (UK) offers a set of supervision actions for: processing equipment and pipeline flange joint assembly, welding, heat treatment, pipeline and apparatus NDT, machinery installation, safe performance.

Engineering Follow-Up Standard Compliance

Repair and equipment construction high quality shall be ensured in compliance with operation rules, manuals, standard technical terms, RTN standards and requirement, other regulatory documentation and includes as follows:

  • Torque calculation for each flange joint;
  • Mapping flange joints and units scheduled for repair, including recommended torque, bolting patterns, types and sizes of sealing materials, lubricants, etc.
  • Implementing flange condition labeling (flange labels);
  • Preparing paperwork for flange joints repair and assembly control (flange certificate, check list, flange label);
  • Elaborating requirements for bidding documentation for contracting repairs including controlled torque bolting and tooling;
  • Pre-job training customer’s and contractor’s personnel for contemporary flange maintenance methods;
  • Providing a recommended list of tools and equipment for repair jobs;
  • Arranging portable storages or rental of required tools and equipment;
  • Daily interfacing between professional supervisors and repair/construction personnel on punch lists;
  • Inspecting equipment preparedness for installation (fasteners, sealing surfaces, pipeline bevels, etc.);
  • Maintaining a data base of completed repairs;
  • Repair jobs quality control;
  • Preparing contractor reference list.

Repair and construction supervising effects:

  • Shorter job durations as a result of interaction between contractors, job mechanization, use of professional tools;
  • Significant reduction in repeated installation;
  • Facility commissioned on time in good working condition;
  • Better operation safety of processing equipment;
  • Accident free run time in the subsequent operation period;
  • Eliminates injuries, better safety awareness as a result of control from supervisors watching over HSE compliance and PPE use;
  • The customer is handed over a soft copy of data base containing basic operating parameters, calculated torques and job history to be used for further repair scheduling.

Tasks that INTRA Services solve:

  • Installation supervising
  • Assembly and welding supervising
  • Machinery supervising
  • Performed job supervising
  • Capital construction supervising
  • Heat exchanger repair supervising

Equipment repair and construction quality control (Supervising) is performed in compliance with operation rules, manuals and guidelines, general repair standards, FSETAN standards and requirements.

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