INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

Experience is the environment for the development of professionals.

Professional service today is a necessity that any manager of an enterprise faces in implementing a strategy to increase production efficiency. One of such professional companies engaged in servicing the processing and transportation of hydrocarbons is the INTRA Service Company, which has already won the title of the best, according to the International Association of Petrochemicals and Refining (WorldRefiningAssociation).

INTRA Service Company is a member of the INTRATOOL Group of Companies - an international holding uniting engineering, production and service companies. Today, the company's own experience and the history of the development of technologies and engineering practices, which the Group of Companies represents in the Russian market, allows it to be a leader in services for the oil and gas industry.

Work without interruption
Transportation of hydrocarbons and their processing require the continuity of production processes. And the professionals of INTRA Service Company, help to solve many problems associated with possible threats to stop production or transportation. This means that many enterprises that are part of OAO GAZPROM, OAO NK ROSNEFT and OAO TRANSNEFT and others serviced by the Service Company, continue to operate, while company specialists eliminate leaks, restore the tightness of pipelines and tanks, the pipelines are inset and closed.

In the period from 2011 to 2013, 768 leaks were eliminated, most of them on operating equipment.

In service with the repair teams of INTRA Service Company, there is the most modern equipment and materials that allow you to:
insertion and closing of pipelines, including under pressure up to 100 bar and at a temperature of -40 deg. With up to +370 degrees. C. Possible aggregate state of the environment - natural and liquefied gas, oil, oil products, water, steam, acids and others;
repair and restoration of bearing capacity of pipelines with the help of composite materials;
testing valves of shut-off valves without the need for dismantling;
Removal of leaks with self-sealing repair clamps and compounds.

24 hours from decision to result
Today, INTRA Service Company requires no more than a day to find a solution for any emergency situation associated with the operation of pipelines. The company's specialists are armed with a huge number of solutions, thanks to the accumulated competencies and experience.
Soon, together with the commissioning of its own production of self-sealing clamps, the time to implement complex tasks that require individual solutions will be reduced at times.
Information technology of the bolting
The pre-engineering division of the Service Company is now developing software to enable engineers and technologists in the field to use the accumulated knowledge base. Now you can find out all possible information on different types of flange connections and how to service them. All the information, starting from GOSTs and ending with specific recommendations for installation, which had to be searched for bit by bit, is now collected in one place.

Calculator for calculating torques of flange connections - currently in beta testing stage, but it can already be available for use. In the next versions of the program, the following functionality will be implemented:
issuing recommendations on tightening torques with the selection of the tool with which to do this, with a description of all the technology of working with it;
Expansion of program databases by foreign standards of sizes and materials of structural components of flange connections;
marking of sealing materials and other component compounds according to the standards of different manufacturers
Prediction can be technology
INTRA Service Company was one of the first in Russia to use modern standards of supervising, when monitoring the construction of new or operating production facilities.

In the period from 2011 to 2013, the company's specialists inspected 50319 flange connections.

Based on the results of one cycle of works, the economic effect was estimated at 11,830,277 rubles at the example of one of the enterprises that are members of OAO Gazpromneft, with supervising at 11 facilities and 655 units of equipment. For 74 days 15 employees of the company checked 4276 flange pairs.

Development of professional community
INTRA Service Company is the founder and one of the organizers of the international practical conference PIPELINE-TECH, which for the last 4 years has become the main platform for the exchange of experience among professionals in the oil and gas industry in the context of issues related to the construction and maintenance of pipelines.