INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

INTRAFIT - course on import substitution EG Chekalev.

The INTRAFIT manufacturing complex was founded in 2007 in Miass, Chelyabinsk region. The plant produces and supplies equipment for the oil and gas, chemical and other industries.
A few years ago, the Russian market of equipment for work on non-stop repair technologies and components was almost 90% dependent on foreign suppliers. INTRAFIT is the first domestic enterprise that has taken a course of import substitution of equipment to carry out a set of works on non-stop repairs (sealing leaks, tie-ins and shutting down pipelines under pressure) at oil and gas, chemical and other industries.

To date, the capacities of the INTRAFIT production complex allow producing parts of pipelines, equipment and consumables for tapping and shutting down of pipelines under pressure and other non-standard products up to Du = 1440 mm, thus 100% covering the whole range of necessary equipment and leveling dependence on import of equipment.

The plant produces equipment that allows to perform operations for cutting holes with a diameter from 6 to 1500 mm at a pressure of up to 10 MPa and overlapping pipelines with a diameter of 89 to 1420 mm, at pressures up to 7 MPa; gate valves are flat; Split tees intended for use in the production of work on pressure pipelines without stopping the transportation of the product for tapping bends, jumpers and loupes into the pipeline, for organizing a temporary bypass. Also, the plant produces auxiliary equipment and accessories: adapters for tie-ins, guard covers, overlapping heads, cutting tools (milling cutters, drills), etc.

To seal leakages under pressure, the INTRAFIT plant produces injection pistols, adapters, self-sealing couplings and clamps for repairing pipelines. The design of the clamps allows to eliminate leaks in flange joints, stuffing box stuffing boxes, in welds, in the body of pipeline elements and pipeline fittings of various configurations. The development of clamping models uses modern software. Based on the initial data (operating conditions, corrosive activity of the transported medium, etc.), preliminary selection of materials and calculation of the main structural elements and the execution of the sealing clamp take place. Then, the parametric solid model is analyzed by the finite element method in the ANSYS PROFESSIONAL system.

When carrying out the calculations, the loads affecting the product during operation are simulated: the medium pressure, the effect of temperatures, the injection pressure of the compounds, the tightening forces of the fastening elements, etc. The design is carefully worked through and tested, after which the optimal version for execution and weight loads is selected, quality and reduced testing time for numerous prototypes.

The proposed clamps and protective covers are calculated and implemented as an additional element of the pipeline, which is able to withstand all the technological loads that occur in a particular production, so that after installation they can work as a strengthening element of the pipeline.

The proposed technology allows to eliminate leaks of almost any medium (hydrocarbons, water, steam, chemically aggressive media, etc.) at pressures of more than 100 MPa and temperatures from -118 to 1200 ° C without stopping the production process (under pressure).
One of the key customers of the plant is INTRA Service Company, the only Russian company that provides the full range of services in the field of non-stop repairs and for the first time launched a large-scale process for the introduction of this technology in Russia. In 2011, INTRA Service Company applied to the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) to assist in the legalization of technologies in the Russian Federation, the removal of restrictions and administrative barriers. In 2012, at a meeting of the open expert council of the ASI in the Krasnoyarsk region, the project received approval and support, and the company actively began its implementation and comprehensive development. In November 2015, INTRA Service Company became one of five Russian companies that received access to the "Investment Lift" mechanism, a comprehensive program designed to promote the development of non-resource companies with export potential. In the spring of 2016, the project "Implementation of innovative technologies for the elimination of leaks under pressure" was attended by the INTRA Service Company at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of ASI as one of the successful projects supported by the agency in the New Business segment, demonstrating the achievements in the field of import substitution of innovative technologies for non-stop repair of technological equipment and pipelines at the enterprises of the fuel and energy sector.

The emergence of new challenges in the implementation of the import substitution program required an extensive modernization of production and large-scale investments from INTRAFIT's production complex. The implementation of the chosen strategy was greatly facilitated by the support of the Industrial Development Fund (FRF). So, for the production of large-sized equipment, a separate workshop was built, equipped with lifting mechanisms for moving products up to 32 tons, the robotic welding complex Yaskawa was integrated into the production process system, which allows to perform works on automatic welding. Also, the plant purchased new equipment, which allows to automate the work process: a five-axis robotized turning-boring and milling machining center MAZAK. These machines are innovative machine tools that allow to shorten the duration of the production cycle and improve the accuracy of processing.

In order to improve the quality control of the products, a X-ray chamber for testing by the non-destructive testing method and an armored chamber for hydrotesting with a length of 18 m were commissioned.

"The requirements of our key customers, as well as transnational corporations represented in Russia, meet the standards of international certification. - says the director for the development of the plant GI. Chekalev. - For us, the guarantee of high quality is a decisive factor in the production of our products. Over the past few years, the plant was visited by representatives of PJSC Gazprom, Shell, Emco Wheaton to audit the production, all of them were satisfied with the organization of the technological process and the quality of the products. "

At present, the plant is certified according to the standards of Gazprom VNIIGAZ and VNIIST, as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). To date, the integrated quality management system of the plant has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (TUV NORD CERT), and obtained a license from the FSB. The plans to get a license of Rosatomnadzor.
High quality standards of the products and production resources of the plant allowed not only to cover the Russian market, but also actively develop the export of products abroad. For today, the equipment is supplied to the countries of the Caspian region. The company's long-term plans include entering the markets of the Middle East, Asia, the EU, the BRICS countries.