INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.



Can your company perform work on the groove on rectangular flanges?

The equipment, which is in service with our company, allows turning the sealing surface on rectangular and square flanges. Please fill in the questionnaires, which you can download on our website.

Whether the calculation of the characteristics of the reconstructed section is carried out. Is it possible to further monitor the condition of the equipment?

The specialists of INTRA Service Company Ltd. in the course of technical testing of the request and determination of the methods of carrying out the work carry out a complex of calculations of the strength characteristics of the site being reconstructed. The model of the repair area, the required calculations and recommendations for monitoring the state of the equipment are sent to the technical service of production during the period of agreement of work. In addition, there are specialized sets of composite materials that allow for standard measurements of thickness gauging, identification of types and characters of defects.

Is it possible to carry out sealing of welded (riveted) connections of tanks (tanks) of oil products?

The technology of application of composite materials allows for sealing of tanks, pressure vessels and tanks for various purposes and types of media. An important feature of the works is the possibility of carrying out work on the local defective site, which significantly reduces the period of organization and work, the number of required consumables.

Is it possible to eliminate leakage of composite materials on existing equipment?

Sets of composite materials ensure the restoration of bearing capacity and tightness of pipeline components and pipeline fittings, pressure vessels and tanks carrying metal and concrete structures. During the work, the medium on the surface to be reconstructed is not allowed (no leakage of the transported medium), which is achieved by lowering the working pressure (by muffling the pipeline section without emptying) and / or by mounting the tying clamp (sealing tape). In other words, the technology allows the elimination of leaks under pressure only if several requirements are met (work conditions).

What is the time frame for a team of specialists to arrive for production and for work on request?

LLC "Service Company INTRA" has organized a developed regional network of service centers, equipped with the required equipment and a set of consumables, which ensure technical testing of the request and performance of work in the shortest possible time (during the day of receipt of the request). For the current period, the centers are organized in the following regions: St. Petersburg, Omsk (Tomsk), Samara, Ryazan, Tyumen, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Sakhalin, Ufa.

Good afternoon. I ask to inform on what transported environments it is possible to carry out works to eliminate leaks under pressure. Is there an experience of eliminating high-temperature hydrocarbons and high-pressure steam?

The technology allows for the elimination of leaks of water, steam, oil and refined products (light and heavy hydrocarbons), chemically aggressive media (ammonia, alkalis, acids and other similar chemical compounds) on the operating equipment. Experts of INTRA Service Company LLC successfully carried out more than 800 works to eliminate leaks of these media, including high-temperature hydrocarbons and high-pressure steam. The maximum temperature of the transported medium on which work was successfully carried out was 690 ° C (consumables allow operations from minus 118 to 1200 ° C), the maximum pressure is 250 atm. (consumables allow work up to 350 atm., there are materials providing sealing of some types of connection with design pressure up to 1000 atm.).

Sometimes there is a need to work on pipelines with an explosive atmosphere. Steel pipes, how to exclude sparking during operation?

For work with explosive atmospheres in our equipment, it is possible to fill the working chamber with inert gases, which makes it possible to safely work on the side-by-side without stopping the equipment and transporting the product to the consumer.

The site contains examples of works at large enterprises. Is it possible to apply technology on the sidebar in the housing and communal services sector?

Yes, it is possible. The equipment allows to make works on the networks of the municipal economy - gas, water, heating systems.